Knockerball Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the full setup of the Knockerballs (delivery, inflation and breakdown). We will also provide and facilitate a variety of "games" to play, including Knocker Soccer (complete with soccer nets & ball).

Special requests can be made for games & activities, so contact us today to discuss your options!

We recommend having your outdoor Knockerball event in temperatures ranging from 40 to 95 degrees. Extremely cold weather or extended exposure to UV light can render our Knockerballs unusable.

A suitable indoor location (i.e. gym or large space with linoleum flooring) should be arranged if weather conditions are outside of this temperature range.

*NEW* We are pleased to announce we've partnered exclusively with the Missoula Indoor Sports Arena (MISA) for a state of the art, temperate, and year-round playing space. Check out our special indoor birthday packages for more information!

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